Best Projectors Under $100

Over the years, Projectors have crossed a long path in terms of usage. Previously, they were just used for showing different presentations in colleges, schools, and offices. But with the growth of technology, nowadays, projectors are well adept at showing multimedia content, which includes documents, games, movies, photos, and audio files. If you want to enjoy your favorite movie on a big screen while enjoying your home’s comfort- a video projector is what you need to make your wish come true. Even if you own a small TV, You can convert your room into a mini theatre with the help of a projector.

The rapid growth in the price of the TV may keep your entertainment quotient out of your reach. That’s why investing in a projector is a much wiser decision. A number of highest quality mini projectors are available in the market. In case you are a hardcore gamer who wants to view the amazing graphics and each detail on a bigger screen, a projector will fit the bill without even burning your pocket. Choosing a perfect projector is also not a cakewalk as you need to consider all the aspects and compare accordingly. To cut down your hassle of research work, we’ve come up with a guide that comprises the best projectors under $100. Scroll down to have a look. Once you find the one that will compensate all of your requirements, just hit the Buy Now button. Here you go! 

7 Best Projectors Under $100 

We have furnished the details of the 7 best mini projectors below. Check it out now. 

  1. DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported Portable Movie Projector


Along with having an enhanced brightness and contrast ratio, DR. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported Portable Movie Projector incorporates a 100″ portable projector screen. A premium quality screen with 1920×1080 resolution, 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio, lamp lifetime- 4000 hours, and 2000:1 contrast ratio makes this projector enriched with features. You can connect and play any content from your TV, PC, laptop, video game, USB drive, media player, and smartphone, etc. This one can be a great option for your entertainment at home, as it incorporates superior display and sound quality. 


You can’t use this projector for excel, word, PowerPoint, or business presentations. 

2. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P


This one is the ideal projector for providing full quotient of entertainment to your entire home with the upgraded LED lighting, high-end color engine, and 1920×1080 resolution supported big screen. Starting from your favorite movie to web series, photographs, video games, or content from your smartphone- you can watch everything on this projector. Moreover, you will get a customized bag to carry the projector easily. The modern cooling system with heat dispersion function helps in reducing fan speed by half. With an adapter, you can connect your smartphone to the projector without any need to install an external application. But you need to buy the adapter separately. 


The sound quality is not so good. 

3. Mini Projector 2019 Upgraded Portable Video-Projector


This one comes with a high-quality big screen, which has 1080p resolution. Apart from that, 35% improved capabilities are there to provide you with an unmatched cinematic experience at your home’s comfort. The in-built speaker is of high quality which will make the sound resonate through your entire house. The innovative fan cooling power technology will make quite low noise as compared to the previous counterparts. The cooling system is so powerful that it reduces heat efficiently so it increases the lifespan of the projector. You can easily connect it with your TV, Laptop, smartphone, PC, USB Drive, etc. 


Difficult when it comes to installing on the wall or hanging from the high ceiling.

4. QKK [2019 Upgrade] Mini Projector [with Tripod] LED Projector


QKK Mini supports 1080p resolution to render you an enhanced experience of watching movies in dark, and indoor or outdoor. Alongside, 1920×1080 resolution, contrast ratio of 2000:1 and aspect ratio of 16:9- all contribute to your better experience of viewing. Undoubtedly this is one of the best projectors under $100. The dual USB port, AV, VGA, HDMI, and SD card port make it easier for you to connect the projector with your laptop, TV, media player, PC, USB drives and more. 


Adjustments need to be a little upgraded. 

5. Mini Projector, TOPVISION Projector with Synchronize SmartPhone Screen


The premium 2800lux capability of this projector provides the best viewing experience. The lamp life of 30 years ensures the longevity of the product. It allows you to connect your smartphone or laptop through a USB cable. 2000:1 contrast ratio and 16:10 aspect ratio lets you have a cinematic feel while at home. Once you register your projector, you will get 2 years of warranty. 


Not compatible with iPhones. 

6. APEMAN Mini Portable Projector


APEMAN Mini Portable is featured with 1080p full HD, 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio, and 800x480p native resolution that will help you in having a great viewing experience. The 3800 lumens and contrast ratio of 2000:1 make it 70%brighter in comparison to other projectors. The AV, VGA, HDMI, and SD card support system easily connect it with your TV, PC, laptop, USB drives, and media players, etc. The advanced cooling technology reduces 50% of the fan’s speed. The in-built dual speaker meets all of your audio requirements. 


Not ideal for video games.

7. DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector


DBPOWER features 150-ANSI-4200 Lux, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 1280×720 resolution- all of these make it a stellar projector in comparison to others of a similar category. You can easily connect it with your smartphone, PC, TV, laptop, USB drive, video game, and more. The advanced in-built speaker makes the content audible to each corner of your home. The efficient high-end cooling system increases your projector’s life up to 50,000 hours. You have to register your product within 7 days of your purchase to keep it under 2 years of warranty.


It doesn’t focus on the image clearly sometimes.

Which one is the best projector under $100?- Compare the specs

Name Display Technology Brightness Native Resolution Contrast RatioLamp LifeIn-built SpeakerProduct Dimensions
DR.J ProfessionalLCD2000 Lumen800×4802000:140000 hrsYes7.9 X 5.9 X 3.1 inches
VANKYO LEISURELCD3600 Lux800×4802000:140000 hrsYes7.8 X 2.7 X 60.2 inches

Mini Projector
LCD2600 Lumen800×4802000:155000 hrsYes7.7 X 6 X 2.7 inches
QKK Mini ProjectorLCD2200 Lumen1920×10802000:150000 hrsYes9.6 X 9.2 X 4.4 inches
TopVision ProjectorLCD2800 Lux800×4802000:150000 hrsYes7.9 X 5.9 X 3.1 inches
Apeman Mini ProjectorLCD3800 Lumen800×4802000:145000 hrsYes7.7 X 6.5 X 2.3 inches
DB Power ProjectorLCD4200 Lux1280×7202000:150000 hrsYes7.9 X 5.9 X 3 inches

How to choose the best projector under $100?

We have prepared the list of top 7 projectors after checking with a few parameters. You are also advised to consider these key points before purchasing your one. 

Type of Projector

Different categories of the projectors are available in the market, but the multimedia and home theater ones are the best. Home theater projectors are perfect for your home. On the contrary, multimedia projectors are the best for professional set-ups like corporates or institutions. 

Display Technology

Projectors are available in several display technologies like digital light processing (DLP),  liquid crystal display (LCD), and liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS). No matter which one you opt for, check the brightness, throw distance, contrast ratio, aspect ratio, resolution, installation, weight, and portability.

All these you need to include in your checklist while buying the best projector under $100. If you have further queries, drop a comment in the below box. Find your perfect fit and take your new projector home today!

Best Projectors Under $100

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