Top 10 Best Water Softeners for Reducing the Hardness of Water: Buying Guide 2020

The water softeners are a boon to those who are looking for an effective solution to get rid of the hardness of water. This device has truly brought a revolution in the field of softening hard water. So, now you can bid goodbye to your old method of replenishing salt in order to get soft water. These appliances are most effective in removing the excess minerals (like calcium and magnesium) that tend the water to be hard. Thus, it prevents you from the harmful effects of hard water like limestone deposits on the faucets of the equipment which leads to damage in your pipe or leakage problem. Apart from this, it also resists you from skin irritations, persistent stains on glass wares, tiles and bath tubs, etc.

Though it is challenging to remove the hardness of water, yet its advantages are worth doing so. Let’s take a look below to know the benefits of using water softening systems to soften the hardness of the water.

Advantages of Using Water Softening Systems:

In a country like the USA where almost 85% of people have hard water available to them, water softener systems are the most obvious systems that you might be looking for. Using these systems prevents the problems that are caused by the hardness of the water. You can take a look at various reasons due to which the popularity of the water softening systems has increased to a great extent. These are as follows:

1.   Appliances free of residue

As a water softener reduces the build up of minerals, it decreases the chances of appliances get leaked and thus responsible for a longer life of the household appliances.

2.   Completely Scale-Free Pipe Systems

These systems help in reducing the formation of lime scale and thus prove effective in preventing damaging problems caused in the pipes.

3.   Stain-free Clothes

Your clothes get silkier and softer after being washed with soft water as now the water is free from all sorts of unwanted minerals and particles which fade the fabrics. Also, you need less detergent as it dissolves quicker in soft water.

4.   Reduction of irritation in skin and smoother hair

Soft water proves to be a game changer, when it comes to problems related to hair dryness or skin irritation. Thus, using soft water for skin and hair has become a personal preference for most of the people.

5.   Shiny and clean glass wares

Now no longer you will see the calcium films on your glassware or other silver wares.

Our Top Recommendations for the Best Water Softeners of 2020:

If you want to be aware of the most generalized models for converting your hard water to purified soft water, then jump right below to our recommended water softener systems. You can rely upon our guide that we have compiled exclusively for you before making your purchasing decision.

Here, in the section below, we have highlighted the features, specifications of some of the selected water softener systems and its pros and cons. So go through them and select the best that suits your requirements.

1. SpringWell Futuresoft Salt-free Water Softener


Weight: 19 lbs

Capacity: Lifetime

Dimensions: Height 35” and Width 6”

Flow Rate: 12 GPM

The SpringWell Futuresoft Salt-free Water Softener is the ultimate choice, if you are looking for a premium whole house water softener system. What makes it outperforms every other water softener systems is its innovative design and ActivFlo technology that it uses for softening hard water. With its template-assisted crystallization process and a bypass valve, it has set its standards high in the industry. This appliance takes good care of all the issues related to hard water and reduces the build up of lime scale. An additional benefit of using this system is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on all its parts and hardly requires any maintenance.

2. Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter & Salt-Free Softener


Weight: 55.4 lbs

Capacity: 1,000,000 gallon

Dimensions: 10 * 54”

Flow Rate: 12 GPM

The Filtersmart Whole House Water Filter & Salt-Free Softener is a combo unit which filters the hard water as well as softens it at the same time. With its long-lasting water filtration and smart technology that it uses to break down the ions of water to get soft water, it has become an ideal choice for almost every household. It comes with 1,000,000 gallon capacity. Its filtration process includes use of activated carbons from top-notch Jacobi coconut shells. Another benefit of using this combo system is that you can easily enjoy purified soft water from any of the outlets in your house, as this is a whole house unit.

3. Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener Iron Filter


Weight: 119.5 lbs

Capacity: 64,000 Grain

Dimensions: 14*7*21”

Flow Rate: 16 GPM

This Iron Pro 2 water softener is exclusively designed for dealing with the extremely hard water. No matter whatever be the size of your household, this device is worth buying as it comes with various capacity options, starting from 32,000 grains to 80,000 grains. Moreover, this water softener system is well-equipped with the Fleck 5600SXT which not only makes it powerful enough to eliminate sediments, rust and sulphur but also helps in saving the consumption of energy. It can auto-regenerate in any of the two ways, either after a specified time-limit or after a specified amount of water. Furthermore, this water softener is most effective in eliminating the medium concentration of Fe.

4. Fleck 5600 SXT 64,000 Grains Water Softener


Weight: 150 lbs

Capacity: 64,000 Grain

Dimensions: 26 * 17 * 56”

Flow Rate: N/ A

The Fleck 5600 SXT 64,000 Grains model is one of the best water softener products by Fleck which comes along with all the components needed for its proper operation, like the control head, resin, tank and the brine tank. This water softener system also includes an LCD display, from where you can learn about the current status of the system and also about the error codes. Due to its high grain filtering capacity, it can work well for more than 5 days and that too without regenerating. Moreover, its control valve measures the flow rate of the water and makes sure that it regenerates automatically depending upon the grains per gallon. It also features a back-up of power supply that keeps it operational for around 48 hours.

 This water softener system comes with a replacement warranty of 5 years. Its reasonable price, compatibility and high grain filtering capacity makes it a top choice for the users. 

5. iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler


Weight: 2 lbs

Capacity: N/A

Dimensions: 7 * 3.5* 2”

Flow Rate: N/A

If you are looking for a value for money water softener solution, then the iSpring ED2000 Whole House Electronic Descaler system is a worth to try for. As the system works through electromagnetic force, this is quite a noise-free solution. With the help of a computer chip, it decreases the chance of build up of limescale and minerals. This Electronic Descaler has an ISO 9000 Quality Standard certification. An added benefit of this product is that your water does not lose the useful minerals like calcium and magnesium from it. With its easy to install procedure, it can be installed either horizontally or vertically on various materials like copper or PEX. This affordable device comes with a lifetime tech support. The only con of this device is that it limits the availability options in various locations.

6. AFW Filters Digital Water Softener System


Weight: 100 lbs

Capacity: 64,000 grain

Dimensions: 12 *48 *12 inches

Flow Rate: 16 GPM

The AFW Filters New Iron and Sulfur Filter Pro 35600 SXT 64,000 Grain Water Softener is one of the most reliable and effective residential water softeners that you can check out. This NSF-Certified system proves successful in addressing various issues related to hard water. Like many other water softener systems, the Fleck SXT valves of this device also trigger a regeneration cycle automatically. With the help of fine mesh resin and a complete on-demand metered system, it filters the iron particles and eliminates the presence of manganese and sulphur. Moreover, the mechanism of this digital water softener is not that much challenging and it’s quite easy to control with the help of a small LCD screen which continuously displays the present system status. Furthermore, this high quality model of water softener comes with a 4-month money-back guarantee.

7. ABC Waters 560sxt Fleck Softener and Carbon Filter


Weight: 95 lbs

Capacity: 48,000 Grain

Dimensions: 54 * 10 * 10”

Flow Rate: up to 12 GPM

The ABC Waters 560sxt Fleck Softener and Carbon Filter is a perfect choice for those families (max. 7 people) who use soft water for economical use. Though this water softener does not succeed in purifying the water entirely, it reduces the hardness of the water if it is 20 GPG or lower than that. Apart from this, it also eliminates the presence of some amount of calcium, magnesium, contaminants, etc.  Also, by turning the GPG setting up or down, one can easily adjust the regeneration of the water softener. This system comes with an easy installation kit and it even comes pre-programmed which makes it a time saviour in the long run. Being available in an affordable range, it has proved to be the most economical and best water softener for the users.

8. Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener


Weight: 1.46 lbs

Capacity: N/A

Dimensions: 6.7 * 1.6 * 3.5”

Flow Rate: N/A

If you are seeking a salt-free water softener system, then the Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener could be the best that you can opt for. This electronic gadget is not an actual water softener but it is the simplest alternative to it. Its primary job is to reduce the build up of limescale and restrict scale from sticking to your equipment, appliances or pipes by producing electromagnetic waves. Though the maintenance of this small unit is comparatively low, its installation procedure is not that easy. This 100% electronic device comes with a lifetime warranty inclusive of its repairs and replacement. The only disadvantage that it holds is that this system is not at all waterproof. However, the Eddy Water Descaler is one of the least expensive models when compared to a conventional water softener as it does not require any changing of filters or addition of chemicals. All these features make it a top pick for those checking out for a low-price water softener system.

9. Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener


Weight: 4 lbs

Capacity: N/A

Dimensions: 4.5 * 4.5 *10”

Flow Rate: 30 GPM

Due to its compatibility, reliability and effectiveness, this Bullet Poly Triple Action Water Softener holds a top position in the industry. What makes this system stand out from the other conventional water softeners is that it does not essentially eliminate hard grains from your water. Instead, it crystallizes the grains by coating it in polyphosphate so that it does not stick to your pipes, tubs or sinks. Its BPA-free plastic body is durable and waterproof, thus can be installed anywhere. Another characteristic which makes it different from others is that it is salt-free, thus no calculation of cubic feet and no resin. Maintenance of this system is quite easy as you just need to remove the filter and rinse it with the help of a vinegar solution. 

10. Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener


Weight: About 250 lbs

Capacity: 96,000 Grain

Dimensions: 53 * 18 * 62”

Flow Rate: 20 GPM

This heavy-duty Fleck 9100SXT Dual Tank Water Softener system with its enormous capacity ensures that there is a continuous availability of soft water. This unit comes with twin tanks, each of which holds a capacity of 96,000 grain. In terms of control and effectiveness, it has an added advantage with its digital metered head. It is easy and convenient to use due to its pre-loaded resin that lasts for at least 5 years. Its top-notch functionality, high grain filtering capacity, exceptional efficiency and low price has made it a smart choice for those who are looking for the best water softeners for hard well water.

By going through our recommendations, you can now make a wise choice as per your demands and requirements and naturally softens the hard water for your purpose.

Top 10 Best Water Softeners for Reducing the Hardness of Water: Buying Guide 2020

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