Microsoft Seems to Block the Windows 10 May 2020 Update on Some Devices, Why?

Microsoft is attempting to block the Windows 10 May 2020 update as it is plagued with some critical issues that might potentially wreck your laptop or PC. While the software company has launched the Windows 10 version 2004, Microsoft realized that there might be some crucial but known issues due to which various PCs will prevent the update from getting installed.

Though the latest Windows 10 update is troublesome for the users, it has been in testing for around 15 months. After being tested, Windows Insiders have confirmed that there are 10 unexpected issues in the latest version of Windows 10. These issues might prevent your PC from functioning smoothly. Furthermore, Microsoft has outlined in its support page that each of these issues is currently under investigation. And once the tech-giant finds relevant solutions to these issues, it will presumably release them in another update.

Out of the 10 issues that are currently under investigation, 9 of them results in a ‘Compatibility Hold’. Thus, it prevents the Windows 10 Update May 2020 from getting installed.

Windows 10 May Update 2020 Warning Message

If you are checking your Windows device for the May 2020 Update and unable to find anything, then there is a high probability that your device has been throttled to get this update. Additionally, Microsoft has also issued warning messages to a lot of devices that are still not ready for this update.

The warning that Microsoft puts forward states, “We’re offering this update to compatible devices, but your device isn’t quite ready for it. Once your device is ready, you’ll see the update available on this page. There’s nothing you need to do at this time.”

In spite of the fact that Microsoft has put Windows 10 version 2004 in beta testing, a flawless rollout seems to get escaped from the grasp of this tech-giant. With billions of PCs encrypted with various software and hardware components, it seems nearly impossible to get a smooth rollout.

Under these circumstances, the decision made by Microsoft for halting Windows 10 updates on devices is a smart move. Doing this might annoy some Windows PC users who are so excited to explore new features and tweaks implemented by Microsoft in their upgraded version. But it cannot be denied that it will be for a better cause. 

List of Problems That Arises with this Windows 10 May 2020 Update:

Check out the list of issues that put your laptop at risk while updating your device to the newest version of Windows 10.

Problems with Bluetooth Connectivity

Microsoft reveals that with the latest Windows 10 feature update, the Realtek Bluetooth radios might have a compatibility issue. Due to this, some Windows 10 laptops face trouble while pairing multiple Bluetooth devices at a time. That means if your laptop is already connected to a keyboard or mouse, then you would not be able to connect your pair of headphones to it.

It is because of this severe issue that manual updating of Windows 10 via the Update Now button is strictly restricted by Microsoft.

Always-On, Always Connected Issue

If your laptop or PC gets updated with this latest Windows 10 update, then there are chances that the feature of Always on, Always Connected gets enabled on it. Once it happens, then your laptop might have to experience unexpected restarts or shutdowns. This technical bug has an immense effect on Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3. This is due to the fact that multiple network adapters are present on these devices.

Intel Integrated Graphics Refresh Rates

Another serious compatibility issue that might arise due to this Windows 10 update is when a monitor with different refresh rates is plugged into an Intel integrated processing unit display adapter. Indeed, Microsoft can bypass this issue. But it will disable the different refresh rates of most of the games, including those using DirectX 9.

Old Nvidia GPU Issues

If you are using an older Nvidia GPU driver, especially those with a version lower than 358, then it might often cause a blue screen or stop error. This happens because a compatibility hold usually restricts the laptops from updating to the latest Windows 10 update. This is because there are some Nvidia GPUs that are incompatible with the new update.

Issues Related to Audio Drivers

The new Windows 10 update released by Microsoft is having compatibility issues with Conexant ISST audio driver. Thus, the laptops that rely upon these audio drivers might have problems while installing the Windows 10 update. Also, it might also cause a Blue Screen of Death error.

Thunderbolt Dock Error

Often it has been found that if a Thunderbolt dock is plugged into the USB-C port on your Windows 10 laptop, then it might result in a Blue Screen of Death error. While Microsoft was working on its solution, it comes to the conclusion that most of the affected drivers have at least a Thunderbolt port, with disabled Windows Hypervisor Platform, and enabled Kernel DMA Protection.

A Brief Analysis on Windows 10 May 2020 Update :

A variety of devices have been tested at ‘The Verge’ to verify whether the Windows 10 update can be smoothly performed on several Microsoft laptops. The laptops that were being tested include Microsoft’s Surface Book 3, Surface Pro X, Surface Laptop 3, and others. But it has been found that the May 2020 Windows update can be successfully installed only on Surface Pro 6.

Summing Up

Therefore, it is clear that delving into the Windows 10 feature update might malfunction your device. Moreover, it can also bring a handful of other problems along with it. For this reason, Microsoft urges its users not to manually install this update until this bug is not resolved. Though any fixed date is not provided to overcome this problem, the Microsoft team is actively working on it.

In case, you need this update for some specialized purpose, then you can forcefully get it through Microsoft’s Update Assistant. This effective tool will bypass the blocks made by Microsoft for preventing devices from getting affected. However, it is recommended not to use this tool until Windows Update gets out of this potential issue.

Microsoft Seems to Block the Windows 10 May 2020 Update on Some Devices, Why?

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